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The perpetual calendar is one of the most prestigious complications in the worlds of horology. This novel piece from the brand headed by Pascal Raffy offers a fresh take on this classic. The unique feature of this piece is that it offers a new approach to the calendar indications. The watch can be transformed into a pocket clock or table clock by setting it in the Amadeo Case. It also means the watch has a second face on its back. The second face has a dial that is off-centered and another seconds display along the same axis. Patek Philippe Replica Watches Virtuoso 7 Retrograde Perpetual calendar timekeeper is available in white and red gold housings, which can be paired with either a white dial or a dark dial. The four variations cost approximately $71,000. Final upgrade: Each piece of the four basic versions of the watch can have a diamond bezel mounted on one of two faces. The limited edition timekeeper is part of the Amadeo Fleurier Complication Series and comes in eight different variants. Each one has 100 copies.

First Dial Patek Philippe Replica Watches has a cleverly designed design that flips the traditional perpetual calendar representation upside down. The time is not displayed on the outer edge of the dial as it usually would be. Instead, the clock is placed in the center. This is due to the fact that it is easy to read the time even when the analog display size is reduced. This central portion of the dial is reserved for a dial in lacquer with Roman numerals applied and cathedral-shaped hand. A ring containing a retrograde dial is placed around this indicator to indicate the date. The hand is placed under the central dial. The wearer will only be able to see the blue triangular tip of the hand that is pointing in the right direction. This enhances your ability to read the time.

On the left and right sides of the date ring, the calendar indicators for the current weekday and month are placed. The calendar indications are painted onto rotating sapphire discs, and the current month is highlighted by a colored plate. It was possible to show the working of the movement in a more detailed way. This highlights the mechanical excellence.

On the other side, there is an indicator that indicates whether the year is a leap year or a regular one.

Second FaceAs though the list of features on Patek Philippe Replica Watches was not sufficient, it also has a second face. The dial is the same as the first one but it has been reduced in size. It is only off-centered in this case and is placed at the top of face. The seconds counter is also on the bottom, and it moves in the traditional clockwise direction.Longines Replica Watches The seconds chassis is what enables this impressive feature, which allows the watch's two seconds counters to be on both sides. The power reserve display is located at nine o'clock and shows the state of the impressive storage which lasts up to five days.

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