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Breitling Replica Watches collection has a new piece, Recital 9 Tourbillon, Miss Alexandra. This comes after the Recital 0 Watch, which was the first in the series to feature the tourbillon. The Swiss watchmaker, after the success of this model, has created an even more complicated timekeeper. The architectonics of this hand-wound, built between two three-quarter plates, allows it to successfully integrate larger components. Of these, the tourbillon cage, and its bridges, are most noticeable because they look extremely attractive. The Recital 9 watches combine the structure of such a caliber with an accurate and realistic indication of moon phase. The watch also has a power reserve of a week which is recognizable as 'the watchmaker's trademark. It is interesting to note that this is the first timepiece in the entire brand's palette with an oval-shaped case.

Dimier 1738 Manufacture Collection, Recital Limited EditionsAs mentioned earlier, the Recital 9 watch is part of the Dimier collection which includes exclusive units produced in limited series at the company's workshop.replica watches The collection is named after the company's workshops. Pascal Raffy, the head of the company that bought Breitling Replica Watches in the beginning of the millennium decided to improve the production facilities to ensure the quality of all timepieces. The brand bought SST Group, a company renowned for its intricate movements. It renamed the company Dimier 1738 Manufacture Artisanale de Cadrans et de Sertissages.

The Miss Alexandra Tourbillon is positioned between two quarter plates, just like the rest of the Dimier watches since 2009. This construction allows for a large tourbillon cage, which is also enlarged.Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica This layout provides a higher level of precision, which is complemented by a beautiful visual appeal. This watch has a power reserve of one week, as was done with previous pieces (for instance in the piece that the brand displayed at the Only Watch auction).

Mystery Heart Shaped handsManually wound caliber 15BM01 MP with 351 components in the piece, beats at a frequency of 21,600vps and has a diameter of 15 lines. The carriage of the tourbillon is 13.5mm in width and weighs only 0.49g. The second indicator is a tourbillon that completes one revolution within a minute. Breitling Replica Watches chose a faceted diamond as a pointer instead of a simple hand, which is more common. This gives the watch a much more impressive appearance. The skeleton movement in Congress, the moon phase display, which we will discuss in detail in a moment, and the curved hour and minute hands reveal their true colors when they overlap, as they form a heart shape.

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